Where the green meets the blue, like a ring-pallet of natural colors, which all senses and relaxes the mind, the Sunelen Studios rises from the blue waters of N. Vrasna North-East side of GREECE.

Inside The deep green mountains In accordinance with the long -walk beach that extends along of Strymonikos coastline the Sunelen Studios greets you and welcomes you to well-treat luxury studios, offers you a special relax and enjoy with our high unique service in best quality and best prices.

The Sunelen Studios welcoming environment, just so close150 meters from the beach, provides you an easy-enter passport to njoy your special and beautiful holidays you had ever before in your life.

All rooms are decorated in minimal tones from a very famous architect group with high design ideas. All our materials inside to the rooms are signed from the most popular industries of wood, tiles, roof etc. The lush gardens, offers a feast of colors and invites you to relax and enjoy your own strict wishes made them as reliable

Greece is one of the most popular destinations, the islands until the coastal parts, to enjoy one’s vacation. Nea Vrasna are a destination near  to Asprovalta and Stavros Thessaloniki. So there one finds the perfect combination of holiday, quality and inexpensive holidays in one of the most beautiful bays of northern Greece, Strymonikos Coastline. Unique place for family holidays and for younger guests as it offers a variety of options for everyone.